Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Onion Soup Recipe

onion soup

My onion soup recipe is extremely easy:

Take different kinds of onions, including my latest one, a Red Onion With Bay Leaves
(believe you or not I painted this one for an Onion Marmalade label, I had no idea you can make onion marmalade):

realism in watercolor

Add some cut Bell Peppers:

Throw a few green peas:

Also, add as many other things as you wish; and, voila, a watercolor soup is ready!!! :0)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Pillow Fight

Art to pillow

 Today, I am glad to announce that my hosting website (FineArtAmerica) is now offering a new option for the clients: throw pillows in various sizes. 
It means that each and every painting on my website can be transform not only to canvas, metal, acrylic print or cell phone cover, card and so on; but, as well into a cute pillow.

Being curious to see how it would look like, I went to my Abstract Gallery and created a few pillows myself.

It was an interesting transformation of a two dimentional artwork into a three-dementional object.

My Abstract Sea artwork brought some kind of dream-like feeling when it was "placed" on a pillow:

art to the pillows

On another hand, the vertical lines of Abstract Waterfall were delivering some serious statement:

art to pillows

Meditative serene Abstract Landscape in green invited to have a good Beauty rest:

pillows cases art

Meantime, small squares of my Geometric Abstract artwork brought cozy and warm feelings into a pillow design: 

art on pillows

The variations of the designs are practically endless.
A curious mind can play with images and find an artwork for desirable pillow with no fight by visiting my art gallery

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Going Green

watercolor on canvas

Here, I am presenting a few recent abstract works that I have painted on watercolor canvas. 
The green soothing colors reminded me a glow of emerald crystal, sometimes deep green with a blue tint and sometimes grassy yellow..

I called this part of my abstract landscape series an Emerald Flow.

Emerald I and Emerald II are below:
watercolor on canvas
The model on a couch is Fred, my puppy, he was posing so good that I couldn't resist and placed him "to guard" the peace in this green room.
And to be fair to my other dog, here is what he was doing while Fred was "guarding"..
Prince George was "deep-ing" in Blue :0)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Relish Labels Sweet And Spicy

Sweet and Spicy with a dash of salt
realism in watercolor relish label

I was lucky to paint these vegetables as a part of my Jam Relish and Marmalade labels project. Lucky, because it made me feel quite warm in a chilly November days.

Great combinations were selected for the relishes project.

Sweet Red Bell Pepper and spicy Yellow Onion:

realism in watercolor relish label

Oh so hot Chili Peppers with Sugar:

realism in watercolor relish label

And a Vinegar Bottle with fresh cut Cucumbers will certainly make a Happy Pickle relish one day:

realism in watercolor relish label

I am glad that in this relish labels project I had an opportunity to paint not only vegetables themselves, but as well a porcelain and a glass bottle. I am sure it adds some more realistic feeling to the artwork, inviting the viewer to a kitchen to try these sweet, spicy, with a dash of salt relishes.

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